Ionic Plus Water Saving Shower Head - IP 101

Ionic Plus Water Saving Shower Head

- 30% water saving

- Millions of Negative Ions

- Anti Bacteria Ceremic Balls

- Micro Fabric Filter (Capture Rust)

Aroma Sense Vitamin C Spa Shower Head - AS 701

Aroma Sense Vitamin C Spa Shower

- 20% water saving

- Millions of Negative Ions

- Anti Bacteria Ceremic Balls

- Micro Fabric Filter (Capture Rust)

- Vitamin C - Food Grade (Equivalent to 3,000 Lemons)

- Aroma Scent - Lemon (Essential Oil)

- Removes 98% of chlorine from tap water

Water Saving Solutions (FAQ)

1. How much water can I save in 1 year in litres and money?

    A : You can save 36,000 litres or up to $120 yearly on your water bill.

    2. How much water do we use in 1 min shower with a regular shower head?

    A : We use about 10~12 litres per minute when using a regular shower head.
    Hence a 10 min shower wastes 100~120 litres per person. That is more than 36,000 litres.

    3. How does it improve my pressure and save water at the same time?

    A : The holes in the kntec shower plates are 'patented' micro triangular shape that not only saves water but also increases pressure while at the same time creating lots of negative ions. The small holes hold back the enough water and increases the pressure at the same time, unlike most normal water saving devices that reduces the flow and pressure.

    4. What are the benefits of Vitamin C & Anti Chlorine Shower?

    A : Vitamin C will be readily absorbed into your skin to boost your skin elasticity and improve your overall health. According to medical practitioners, Vitamin C helps in the normal formation of collagen that is essential to firming your skin and as an antioxidant, it can delay your ageing process. The removal of chlorine helps improve your hair strength, reduce hair fall and dry skin problems.

    5. Is the Spa Shower filtered water drinkable?

    A: The water is not designed for drinking, but there is no danger if you accidentally drink it while showering.

    6. How long will the anti bacteria ceremic balls last?

    A: The anti bacteria ceremic balls are semi-permanent and will last about 3 years.

    7. Do I need to replace the non-woven fabric in the filter?

    A : For maintenance, the non-woven fabric needs to be washed occasionally, especially if you notice a decrease in water flow from the shower head. If the fabric gets clogged, it can decrease water flow and damage the shower head. Each replacement cartridge comes with an extra non-woven fabric. It should be replaced when you replace the filter.

    8. How much is the replacements?

    A : Replacements are readily available from the distributor at $38 only. (Anti Bacteria Ceremic Balls + Non Woven Fabric Filter)